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Killer Apps: ASEPCO’s 4-Inch Tank-Bottom Valve

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4 inch tank valve

“Life is like a 10-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.” ~ Charles Schulz

Is draining your large vessel creating bottlenecks?

Draining your tank can slow down your end-to-end throughput.

ASEPCO can help you break the bottleneck with our 4-inch Radial-Diaphragm™ Tank-Bottom Valve! You’ll find that your tanks drain more quickly, doubling your flow rate, doubling your speed, and doubling your satisfaction.

For example, with the 3-inch valve and a 10,000 liter tank (at 1 psi), it takes about 16 minutes to drain a tank. With the 4-inch valve it only takes 9 minutes.

That’s almost twice as fast!

Break the bottleneck!

At ASEPCO, we are known for our legendary contamination-free radial-diaphragm technology designed and developed for tank bottoms. Now we’ve gone even bigger and stronger.

  • High flow rate of 302 gallons per minute (1143 liters per minute) at 1 psi—drain the tank faster, get more done.
  • Unique in the industry—no one else offers a radial diaphragm valve this big.
  • Contamination-free, radial-diaphragm technology—cleanliness you can rely on.
  • Assembles with an industry-standard clamp—reduced down-time when changing diaphragms.
  • Heavy-duty construction makes this valve easier to weld into your tank.

Cut view 4 inch tank valve

You’ll find that our 4-inch Tank-Bottom Valve drastically reduces the time it takes to drain a tank—up to double your existing flow rate!

To find out more about ASEPCO Tank-Bottom Valves, visit our Tank-Bottom Valve web page.

Give us a chance to save you time and money.

Best wishes, Mark

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