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Killer Apps: Zero Dead Leg Valve

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Dead Leg Valve Killer

In 2 Hours I Eliminated My Dead Legs Forever!

Typical valves rely on meeting the minimum requirements set out by ASME BPE by providing an L/D ratio of 2:1.

At ASEPCO, we don’t work to minimum requirements, we strive for uncompromised performance and set the standard.

Introducing the ASEPCO Radial-Diaphragm™ Zero Dead Leg Valve

In two hours, you can replace a point of use or a branch valve with our Zero Dead Leg Valve and:

  1. Eliminate fluid pooling
  2. Easily clean with a ZERO L/D ratio
  3. Ensure sterility with our behind the seat flowpath
  4. Be CIP/SIP ready
  5. Fit tight piping spaces

ASEPCO’s Zero Dead Leg Valve lives up to its name. It literally eliminates dead legs. Zero, Zilch, Nada.

Can You Imagine Never Having To Worry About Dead Legs Again?

Your process engineers will love this valve for its small footprint and elimination of multi-valve arrangements.

The behind the seat flowpath allows you to steam and clean with the valve closed, ensuring cleanability and sterility.

Your maintenance technicians will adore your new valves for ease of disassembly, diaphragm change out, and reassembly.

No nuts and bolts to fuss with and potentially lose. Our valve comes apart without the need for tools. Just loosen the tri-clamp.

It’s as easy as it gets.

So give it a shot—and make us all happy!

Dead Leg Valve

To find out more about these valves, visit our Zero Dead Leg Valve web page.

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