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Killer Apps: A $9,000 Mistake!

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Everyone has Mixing Nightmares…

Worries That Keep You Up At Night

Here’s a sad story about a problem that cost one of our customers over $9,000 in over-runs and could have easily been avoided with the right knowledge.

The Simple Mixer Order

We received a request to quote a mixer from a customer. The details were typical of the information we often receive:

“1500 liters, moderate agitation, water-like.”

Based on this, we quoted the mixer shown on the left. The customer ordered it, installed it, did their FAT (which passed), and shipped it to the facility.

And That’s When It All Went Wrong…

The day after installation in the customer’s facility, we got a phone call. The mixer wasn’t performing properly!

The customer explained that the light powder they were adding was floating on top and needed a vortex to be pulled into solution.

Now we realized, nobody ever mentioned a powder being added!

We had to scramble to find a solution, or this could be a bigger nightmare than it already was. The challenge would be to find a solution without having to cut into the vessel.

Luckily, we were able to design a replacement impeller (shown on the right) that could pull a vortex, be used with the existing mounting post, and be made quickly.

This time, the customer was lucky and only spent $9,000 (and lost a few weeks) fixing the problem. It could’ve been much worse. You can imagine the cost of re-coding a vessel.

But why be lucky, when you can be sure?

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Give us a chance to save you money.

Best wishes, Mark

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