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Killer Apps: Custom Applications

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Bring your system into the 21st Century—AND Lower Your Costs!

You know us for our high performance standard products, but did you know, we also create custom products?

Let’s face it, these days we all have our bosses breathing down our necks about reducing cost and, of course, improving performance. It’s a challenge that isn’t always easy to overcome, but we can help make it easier for you.

This isn’t something new for us, we’ve been providing custom solutions to customers just like you for over two decades.

In fact, we’ve provided over 5000 custom solutions to help solve a variety of problems. By being able to customize our equipment to fit existing processes our customers have been able to:

  • Give old equipment a new life.
  • Save money by upgrading old equipment with new components that lower maintenance costs.
  • Improve cleanability by replacing outdated components with state-of-the-art components.

Example of Money-Saving Customization

1.2-Liter Vessel Example

We recently had a customer come to us with a problem. He had an existing process, but needed a tank to work at a much higher pressure than his existing equipment would allow.

His current vessel would only allow him to work with pressures up to 30 psi and he needed to go to pressures up to 100 psi. He also needed full jacketing of the head and a dozen tank penetrations—all in less than 1.3 liters.

Oh, and it needed a mixer, too.

After working with the customer for a couple weeks, we came up with a concept.

After a final meeting and a few design tweaks, we began fabrication. Less than 12 weeks later, we delivered this tank, including a custom diptube, a jacket that covered the entire head, and a magnetic mixer.

What Makes Us So Flexible?

We’re a small company. All our custom manufacturing is fabricated in our building in the heart of the Silicon Valley. And because our designers, engineers and fabricators are just steps away from each other, we are able to respond quickly to your needs.

So the next time you are faced with the challenge of having to lower costs and improve performance, come to us. Not only will your boss be impressed when you are able to improve the performance of your system, but he’ll be wowed by the savings, too.

ASEPCO – Thinking Ahead – Saving You Time, Saving You Money, and Improving Your Products.

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