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Killer Apps: Six Deadly Sampling Sins

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“There is no sin except stupidity.” ~ Oscar Wilde


Sample Valve

Lurking in every system are potential dangers, in this case the Six Deadly Sampling Sins.

So, what are the Six Deadly Sampling Sins?

  1. Seal failures cause by dynamic O-rings that become nicked in use, and then leak.
  2. Specialized ports that may not properly fit the sample valves that require these O-rings; again leakage is a problem.
  3. Product burn-on (“goop” formation) during SIP following sampling. This is caused by channels in the sample valve that are too narrow to be properly cleaned between samples.
  4. Product loss due to flushing “dead legs” (or “goop”) out of the sample line—using the product as flushing agent.
  1. Non-representative sampling happens when the back side of the valve is not clean at the time of the sample. Typically, the sample valve carries denatured traces of the last sample. This falls into the next sample.
  2. In some cases, “dead legs” or areas of non-mixing with the tank’s contents.


Any of these sins could lead to a contaminated sample.

You can imagine the costs you’ll encounter if you can’t take consistent samples, from lost product to lost manufacturing time. So, how can you avoid these deadly sins? One way is to choose equipment that avoids these problems. For example, the ASEPCO Sample Valve gives you:

  • A diaphragm seal instead of O-rings, preventing leaks.
  • Standard 0.5” ports with no additional seals, avoiding another potential source of leaks and preventing “goop” formation (yes, “goop” is the technical term).
  • A fully drainable design, no flushing required.
  • “Behind-the-seat flowpath” allowing CIP/SIP on the back side of the valve between samples.
  • No dead legs, allowing all the material in the tank to be uniformly mixed.

By using our Sample Valve (which has been repeatedly validated in the field), you can take consistent samples throughout your process run that will be contamination free. This effectively reduces your costs and may also reduce your sampling times. To learn more check out these links:

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