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Killer Apps: Introducing the QUICKONNECT

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”The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.” – Robert Kennedy

You probably have vessel connectors in your facility, and they work well, but they still have some challenges:

  • Cross-threading nuts
  • Require tools
  • Split clamps that are independent of each other, making it impossible to hold around the part you are installing
  • Need two people to install

To make this already simple device even easier to use, we’d like to introduce you to the QUICKONNECT vessel connector.

The next time you build a vessel consider using a QUICKONNECT vessel connector!

The QUICKONNECT vessel connector offers these great features:

  • Assembles with a clamp— no more cross-threading— ever!
  • No tools needed
  • Split clamps that snap around the part you’re installing
  • Can be assembled by one person

Think about how much easier the QUICKONNECT vessel connector is to use compared to the standard model (we even make a bolt-on version). This connector will make things better for you and, most likely, a little less costly.

The next time you build a vessel consider using a QUICKONNECT vessel connector. It’s sure to make your process run smoother and preventative maintenance will be a snap.

Want to see what one is like? No problem, just contact Barry and he’ll set you up with a 30-day demo.

Our purpose is to make your life better, from having a person answer the phone when you call to making it easier to install our products.

Give us a chance to save you time and money.

Best wishes, Mark

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