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Mission Critical: What You Should Expect from Your Aseptic Components

For many of you, the phrase “mission-critical components” might conjure up an image of the gold foil-covered shields found on space satellites or the mil spec parts found in an F-16. But in truth, you are using mission-critical components in your facility right now. In our industry, the combination of product value along with the risk of product compromise through contamination definitely requires a get-it-right-the-first-time mentality. But is your equipment designed to live up to these demands? Does it help you meet your quality and production goals, or does it get in your way?


ASEPCO defines mission-critical-level aseptic components as those that provide extremely consistent performance and delivery of vital functionality in an application where downtime and product loss attributable to equipment failure cannot be tolerated.

So, what should your equipment be able to do if it’s designed for mission-critical use? We offer the following list of mission-critical characteristics as a measuring stick against which to evaluate all your aseptic components:

  • Proper operation is easy to implement.
  • It is difficult to make components fail (at ASEPCO we call this “bomb-proofed” design).
  • The basic design requires very little training for operation.
  • Components are easily and quickly validated.
  • CIP/SIP cycle times are short.
  • Component manufacturing methods eliminate defects inherent in the production process (such as the pits and cracks found in cast valves vs. those manufactured from bar stock).
  • All components conform to relevant manufacturing standards (such as ANSI, ASME, BPE, CE, and CFR).
  • Traceability is provided (certificates on steel, fittings, and diaphragms, and heat numbers on welded sub-components).
  • Maintenance instructions are simple and are sent with every order.
  • Delivery is fast, accurate, and on time.

At ASEPCO, we have structured our manufacturing processes and designed our components (valves, mixers, vessel connectors, etc.) to meet these mission-critical component characteristics. And, we hope that by promising to comply with this list, you will make us your preferred provider of aseptic processing components.

Over the years, you’ve come to expect the highest design quality from ASEPCO. That’s why our tank valves are some of the most frequently used valves in critical applications. Now you can add weirless valves, vessel connectors, and magnetic mixers to that list.

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