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Killer Apps: New Retrofit Valve Helps You Get Cleaner… Guaranteed!

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Retrofit Valve

Enter the 21st Century of Valve Technology… Without Cutting into Your Tank!

Tired of the cleaning issues with ball valves or butterfly valves? Alarmed at the cost to cut out that old ball valve and recode your ASME tank to have a cleaner valve solution? Don’t fret, retrofit!

Introducing ASEPCO’s Retrofit Valve

This bolt-in style flange easily connects to the existing flange on your tank.

Imagine having a cleaner tank with:

  1. Low installation costs
  2. High return on investment
  3. Easy to change diaphragms
  4. Legendary radial seal design
  5. Simple to clean valve technology

Get cleaner without breaking the bank.

Designed to be Clean AND Affordable

Innovation Driven by Customer Needs

As with many of ASEPCO’s valve solutions, the Retrofit Valve was born from necessity. Tired of the cleaning issues with ball valves or butterfly valves, our customers needed to clean their tanks faster. They pleaded with us to give them a practical solution that is cost effective and easy to install. We answered with a bolt-in style flange that easily connects to the existing flange on their tanks.

Designed to be Easy on the Pocketbook

Forget about re-coding your ASME tanks at a huge expense. Just send us your existing valve specs along with a few details about your tank and we’ll design the proper adapter to get you into the 21st century of clean valve technology.

Don’t pay to cut out the old and weld in the new… Instead spend your money wisely on our Retrofit Valve.

Give Us a Chance to Save You Money

Send us your existing designs and we’ll create a valve that you can install without cutting into your tank. We’ll get you up and running faster than planned and under budget!

Old Ball Valve

Find out more! Visit our Retrofit Valve page.

Best wishes, Mark

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