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Killer Apps: Divert Your Attention This Way

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“This one is just right!” ~ Goldilocks

Goldilocks had the right approach; sometimes you need look at all the options to find the one that works best.

Let’s say you’re faced with diverting flow from one source to more than one outlet, or combining flow from multiple sources. You might use a transfer panel, but this could be too large, costly, and complicated to justify. Or you could use a disposable connection, but it might not supply enough repeat connections between batches. Then there is the ASEPCO Radial-Diaphragm Divert Valve. When a transfer panel is too much and a disposable connection is too little, the Divert Valve is just right.

Divert Valve

A Divert Valve has these benefits:

  • Easier to validate than a transfer panel
  • Multiple divert combinations, from two lines up
  • More compact than a transfer panel
  • CIP/SIP for repeated use during process

Divert Valves are easy to validate because they can be automated and don’t require jumpers to change flow from point to point. They can be used in a variety of situations because they can be built in different configurations. You might need to divert flow to two different destinations or to multiple destinations. In either case, a Divert Valve can be configured to accommodate your needs and it can be done in a much smaller space than a comparable transfer panel. Finally, you can easily CIP/SIP Divert Valves to give you repeatability and multiple uses.

The next time you need to divert or combine flow check out an ASEPCO Divert Valve. It may be the right solution for you.

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