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Killer Apps: Want to simplify your maze of valves and fittings?

Minimize hold-up volume with ASEPCO’s Weirless Sterile Access Valve

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Weirless Sterile Access Valve
ASEPCO Weirless
Sterile Access Valve

Do you use tees, gaskets, and clamps to divert your process flow? Do you notice the resulting maze increases hold-up volume and makes the system difficult to clean?

You need the ASEPCO Weirless Sterile Access Valve, which combines a valve and a tee, giving you two flow paths in one compact device.

  • Minimize hold-up volume and collect more product
  • Optimize cleaning effectiveness
  • Save space
  • Save on maintenance costs
  • Save money!

Designed to be Compact, Clean, and Efficient

Because the ASEPCO Weirless Sterile Access Valve has a flo-thru design (no weir) and uses our radial-diaphragm seal technology, drainability is no longer an issue. When your process fluid is valuable, the increased hold-up volume costs you serious money. You need every drop possible.

The weld-in port is manufactured in the factory, which eliminates costly modifications on site, and ensures premium factory-grade quality, every time. In addition, you can change the diaphragm on this valve in minutes with no tools or special training. Our customers tell us that it significantly reduces their maintenance costs over Weir-based alternatives.

When you’re designing your next project or if you need to upgrade your current system, start by using the ASEPCO Weirless Sterile Access Valve.

Give us a chance to save you time and money.

Best wishes, Mark

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