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Interphex: Killer App(etizers) – Curious About What We’re Offering This Year?

Interphex Swish

You’ve probably received several emails over the past few months, like you do every year, which have mentioned Interphex one way or another. You may have even said to yourself, “Interphex, again? Didn’t that just happen?” It sure seems that way considering how fast time seems to be moving these days.

Now you’re asking yourself, “Is it worth going to Interphex this year?” The answer should be a resounding, “Yes!” Why? Because this year we are introducing a new magnetic mixer to our family of high-quality aseptic processing equipment. If you have a general mixing application (such as heat transfer, blending miscible liquids, etc.), then this is the mixer for you. Come to the show, learn more about it, and see it in person. It’s a beauty!

If you can, stop by our booth on Wednesday, March 19, because we’ll be serving wine and appetizers from 2 to 4 p.m. at booth #3629.

See you there!

Mark and your friends at ASEPCO

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