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Probes…they’re not just for aliens anymore!

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Probes—you can have more than just one!


With all the probes you need to attach to your vessel—temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity—is it difficult to find enough space to put them? A tight vessel location makes it even harder.

ASEPCO’s New AseptiPort Probe Manifold addresses these issues:

  • Save space by attaching multiple probes and even a sample valve in one location
  • Use one or multiple probes and probes of varying lengths
  • Easy mounting system—a sleeve allows for probe mounting into the assembly
  • Very clean—the probe gasket seals at the vessel’s internal wall surface
  • Flexible design—can be customized to fit your needs

The AseptiPort Manifold can be designed as an array of probes in a single row or arranged in a circle, as shown in this graphic.

If you need to attach more than one sensor to your vessel, then Click Here to Find Out More!

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