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Product News: The ASEPCO PolyMixer™ Agitator

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Do you think that a bottom-mount mixer won’t
work for your process?  Think again.

Try the customizable ASEPCO PolyMixer™ Agitator.

  • Choose from eight different impellers—the Rushton, Double Rushton, or Low-Shear impellers could be perfect for your bioreactor/fermentation vessel.
  • Clean CIP/SIP design is backed by a third-party validation study.
  • Bearing and seal design is flush, eliminating entrapment areas while enabling the best performance for cleaning cycles.
  • Primary impeller blade location is optimized above the tank bottom to increase pumping action and ensure complete tank mixing.
  • Long-lasting tungsten carbide or silicon carbide bearings provide exceptional performance in the harshest environments.
PolyMixer and Impellers

If you want to read more, check out the ASEPCO PolyMixer Agitator page and the impeller options page.

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