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Product News: ASEPCONNECT™ Connectors and ASEPTIPORT Manifold


Whether it’s a lack of vessel space, a tight vessel location, or a cleanability issue, ASEPCO has several connectors to solve your problem.

Our connectors are designed for attaching devices in critical aseptic processing applications where leakage and dead legs are unacceptable.

ASEPCONNECT Connectors AseptiPort_Manifold_CUT_white_RGB


  • Clean design: Flush-mounted to tank to eliminate dead legs and leakage
  • Flexible: Comes in straight and angled models to adapt to specific instruments and situations
  • No warping: Large outside diameter avoids warping during welding
  • Reliable sealing: Patented seal face maximizes reliability


  • Space saving: Attach multiple probes in one location
  • Flexible: Attach probes of varying lengths
  • Easy to mount: Each probe mounts into a sleeve
  • Very clean: A probe gasket seals at the vessel’s internal wall surface

If you want to know more, refer to our Connectors pages or contact us at 1-800-882-3886 or

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