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Killer Apps: Look Ma! No Tools!

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Weir Valve - the old way

Before the ASEPCO Valve—
the Weir Valve

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
~ Leonardo da Vinci

Tools??? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Tools!

It’s a known fact that tools get lost. They get lost so often that tool boxes were created to keep them organized.

Even when you do find them, it’s a trial-and-error effort to determine if the hardware is metric or standard. When you have a lot of equipment, this can be a real pain!

If you have old-style weir valves that need service, you have to find the right Allen wrenches, or socket wrenches, or vice grips (yes, people use vice grips!) to remove the set of bolts that hold the actuator to the valve body. If you have multiple brands of weir valves, you also have multiple types of hardware; some metric and some standard, all of varying sizes.

If taking things apart isn’t hard enough, when it’s time to put them back together you have to locate the right hardware. This takes too long! Even the most careful among us sometimes ends up crossing threads with a metric bolt in a standard nut or vice versa.


We eliminated the root cause of the problem….

ASEPCO can help. With our valves you don’t need tools.

All you need is your hands!

Turn the wing nut on the standard clamp and the valve comes apart in seconds. And putting it back together is just as easy.

With our valves you:

  • Don’t need tools to disassemble or reassemble the valve
  • Can maintain an entire suite of valves in a fraction of the time
  • Spend your time adding value and reducing frustration

Tools are so yesterday! Get yourself some ASEPCO valves and celebrate the elimination of tools!

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