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Product News: ASEPCO Announces European Compliance



Mountain View, CA — ASEPCO, one of the leaders in the aseptic processing equipment industry, announced that versions of all their products compliant with EU standards are now available.

“Beginning March 2015, we are proud to announce that our entire product line is compliant with EU standards as well as BPE standards,” revealed Steve Joy, President and CEO of ASEPCO. “This month, we have added an ATEX Category 2 compliant version of our ASEPTIMIX Agitator. This new ATEX-compliant mixer along with our 2014 change to BPE 1.4435/316L stainless steel for all our valve components and connectors ensures that our products are compliant with standards around the globe.”


The ASEPTIMIX Agitator is specifically designed for handling the most common mixing applications in the bioprocessing/pharmaceutical industry. This robust and efficient agitator is suited for suspension, blending miscible liquids, fluid motion, and heat transfer applications. What’s more, it is available on short notice and is competitively priced.

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ASEPCO was founded in early 1989 with a mission to design and manufacture the highest quality products in the aseptic processing equipment industry. ASEPCO’s products are developed in close cooperation with leading experts in the bioprocessing industry. Hundreds of valve, actuator, connector, and mixer configurations are available.

ASEPCO also provides a large selection of customizable features and made-to-order assemblies to match your application perfectly. All these products are engineered to the highest aseptic standards.

ASEPCO is committed to provide the best service possible to its customers. The support team’s goal is to solve problems, not win arguments. ASEPCO also supports its customers with the best warranties in the industry.

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