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ATEX Certified ASEPTIMIX Agitator Is Here!

ATEX Certified ASEPTIMIX Mixer

It’s like being the captain of a minesweeper: if you do your job well, nobody notices. If you don’t, there’s a hell of an explosion.
~ Lyndon B. Johnson

Need a mixer that can withstand a hazardous situation?

If you do, you now have another great reason to try the ASEPCO ASEPTIMIX Agitator. ATEX Category 2 compliant models of this mixer are now available.

The ASEPTIMIX Agitator is specifically designed for handling the most common mixing applications in the bioprocessing/pharmaceutical industry.

This robust and efficient agitator is suited for suspension, blending miscible liquids, fluid motion, and heat-transfer applications.

Being available on short notice and competitively priced makes the ASEPTIMIX Agitator the best choice for your next mixer.

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