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Killer Apps: A Valve with a Flush Entry and No Dead Legs

Need a contamination-free flush entry for your tank valves?


Tired of adding a satellite valve for CIP/SIP
and ending up with contamination issues?


We have a solution!

Sterillite Valve


Microbes Fear It… 

Process Engineers Love It…  


The ASEPCO Radial-Diaphragm™ Sterillite™ Valve seats on the wall of a larger “host” flush-mounted tank outlet valve. Wherever steam or small volumes of flushing liquids must enter a process system, the Sterillite Valve creates a flush entry without a dead leg. You can quickly flush or CIP/SIP while the valve is closed, allowing for downstream sterility prior to product introduction.

  • Flush mounted to the tank valve
  • No dead legs or dead spaces
  • Clean and self-draining by design
  • Diaphragm changes out in less than a minute

Contact us to find out more about how our Sterillite Valve can address your CIP/SIP issues.

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