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Killer Apps: Sterile Transfer Assembly

Cleaner and more cost-effective solution for sterile transfer.

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Decrease contamination and lower
maintenance costs at the same time!

Sterile Transfer Assembly

We’ve noticed a trend among our customers. They are replacing their Weir-style and plug-style valve assemblies with valves from our Weirless Diaphragm Valve family. These valves are specifically designed for situations in which sampling and sterile fluid transfer, diversion, and addition are involved.

One customer asked us to create what they called a Steam Block Assembly with the ASEPCO Block and Bleed Valve, the ASEPCO Weirless Diaphragm Valve, and an Ingold adapter. They wanted to replace a similar assembly built with plug valves.

The result? Our customers told us that our Weirless Diaphragm Valves…

  • Decrease contamination issues
  • Decrease the cost associated with maintaining the valves

Cleaning ASEPCO valves and changing out the diaphragm requires no tools or special training. Our customers lower their cost of valve maintenance up to 80% by changing to our valves!

Are you trying to decrease your maintenance costs? Come talk to us about your application and we will create an assembly configured to your needs. Give us a call, we’d love to help you solve any challenge you might have.

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