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Killer Apps: Sample Valve

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Our Sample Valve’s hydrodynamic design is based on your request for enhanced temperature control and sample system cleanability. We hired a rocket scientist to help design it, so you don’t have to be one to use it.

Sample valve with callouts


  • The tip of the diaphragm seals on the ID of the vessel wall resulting in improved tank cleanability.
  • The “V” shape inside the valve chamber creates excellent drainability. 
  • A simple “Sample and Steam” valve body allows full steaming while the valve is closed.
  • A unique port allows through-the-chamber CIP/SIP, ensuring a truly representative sample every time.
  • The fittings are angled away from the vessel at a quicker rate allowing closer jacketing to the tank and improved cleanability.

Next time you are enhancing an existing sampling process, consider using ASEPCO’s Sample Valve!

ASEPCO’s valves don’t add complications; instead they are proven to simplify maintenance and reduce downtime. And, they keep on saving you money every year they are in use.

Give us a call, we’d love to help you solve any challenge you might have.

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