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Is It a Valve or a Flow Controller?

The need to control flow within pipes is not new, and that’s what flow controllers are for, right? One of our customers thought otherwise. This particular pharmaceutical company couldn’t use a standard flow controller because of contamination issues. They tried to use a positioner with a Weir valve, but couldn’t get the low-volume flow control that they needed.

Their solution? Use ASEPCO Radial-Diaphragm and Weirless Diaphragm valves with a positioner.

Weirless configurations                FC05-100 with Burkert 8692
Figure 1. Customer flow control configuration with Bürkert TopControl positioner

Our customer selected these two different positioners for their facility that gave them the low flow rates that they desired:

  • The Fisher FIELDVUE DVC 6200 valve positioner for locations where they needed an assembly that could tolerate a harsh and potentially explosive environment.
  • The Bürkert TopControl 8692 positioner for everywhere else in the facility because it is compact, easy to use, and less expensive.

Fisher FIELDVUE DVC 6200                Bürkert TopControl 8692
Figure 2. Fisher FIELDVUE DVC 6200 (left) and Bürkert TopControl 8692 (right) positioners

With these exceptional positioner products, they get great features such as automatic calibration and communication to a controlling facility for instrumentation and diagnostic information. So even though ASEPCO valves were not originally designed to be used for flow control, our customers have excellent success doing so. You can get the linear flow control you need, and you also get all the other benefits of our valves, which make them superior choices for those environments where contamination cannot be tolerated.

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