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Who Orders the Switch?

When customers order pneumatic actuators from us, we often get the question, “Should we order the switches from the switch manufacturer, or should ASEPCO?” Well, it can work either way, but we thought that knowing the insider story would help answer your question.

We are happy to place an order for any switch/positioner/control top for you. We have worked with most of the switch manufacturers on the market including GEMÜ, Westlock, Saunders, Fisher, ASCO, StoneL, and Bürkert. In our database, we maintain information about which switches our actuators are most compatible with, and whether we or the switch manufacturer needs to supply the mounting bracket. So, no matter who makes the switch order, we still need to know what switch you are going to use with our actuators.

Does that mean that it is best for ASEPCO to order the switches? Believe it or not, our experience says no.

We have noticed that if we make the switch order, there is typically an additional delay in the delivery of the switches—maybe a couple weeks or more. You will likely get your valve assemblies faster if your purchasing agent orders the switches immediately, rather than having us do it after your valve order is in process. Also, according to our recent experience, our valves are almost always ready before the switches are.

Now, if you want us to mount the switches to the valve/actuator assembly at our facility, just have the manufacturer send the switches to us and we’ll mount the switch on the actuator and then send the completed assembly to you.

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