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Killer Apps: Insulate Valve



Have You Lost Product Yield Because Of Temperature Control Issues?

When you work with extremely temperature-sensitive products, you can easily lose yield if you don’t fully insulate your vessel. The area of highest risk is where the outlet valve connects to the tank.

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With a poorly insulated valve you risk:

  • Crystallization, if your process fluid gets too cold
  • Death of organisms, if your process fluid gets too hot or cold
  • Potential loss of product yield, time, and money

Most of the time, it’s just not possible to fully insulate around a typical drain valve. One common solution is to create a tight alcove around the valve, which is costly, time consuming to construct, and uncertain in performance. That is why we developed our Insulate Valve.

This valve’s extended diaphragm and body design allows you to bring the insulating jacket all the way to the valve body—protecting the temperature of your process and saving you from potential loss!

  • No more hot or cold spots.
  • No more altered product.

Solve your yield problem with the ASEPCO Radial-Diaphram™ Insulate Valve!

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