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Killer Apps: Use Our Tangential Valve for Off-Center Installations

Tank Not Draining Completely

Want a solution to your product pooling problems?

When your mixer is mounted on bottom center of your tank, you’re often forced to mount your tank-bottom valve off center. This can cause excess pooling at the bottom of the tank and in the valve itself. This pooling wastes valuable product and creates a significant cleaning problem.

Tank Valve

The ASEPCO Radial-Diaphragm™ Tangential Valve is designed to be installed off center on a tank. It significantly reduces pooling in the tank and eliminates pooling in the valve. The result?

  • A cleaner process
  • More product
  • More money in your pocket


The ASEPCO Tangential Valve — Cleanliness is Our Business!

This valve uses the same radial-diaphragm technology as all our other valves and has all the same benefits:

  • Radial design provides a reliable seal and is easily cleaned during CIP
  • Fast diaphragm changeout saves up to 80% of routine maintenance cost over weir valves
  • Welds flush to the tank bottom eliminating gaskets, bolts, and seams

Exceptional drainability and cleanability. The best off-center valve solution!

Give us a chance to solve your issues and save you money!

Best wishes, Mark

Tangential valve with callouts

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