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Killer Apps: Get Hooked Up with Our Process Valve! …it’s flexible.

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Weld on a Tank or Clamp on a Vessel
…it’s Your Choice

ASEPCO’s Radial-Diaphragm™ Process Valve
can adapt to your special needs.

If you like our Tank Valve, you’ll love our Process Valve. ASEPCO’s Process Valve lets you use a hygienic clamp as the inlet. Not only does this let you clamp the valve into lines, but you can also clamp it to a vessel.

The Process Valve uses the same Radial-Diaphragm technology as our Tank Valve, giving you the same consistent sealing and excellent performance you’ve come to expect from our products.

The Process Valve can be used in a variety of applications from piping to vessels, so you’re only limited by your imagination.

When you need to clamp a valve into your process so that it can be easily removed, the Process Valve is a good choice for you.

We can get you hooked up however you like!

For example, let’s say you have a 4-inch hygienic clamp on a tank and you need a 2-inch valve, no problem. We can easily machine a 2-inch valve to have a 4-inch hygienic clamp inlet.

And, as with any of our valves, you get these great features:

  • Assembles with industry standard clamp, meaning you get quick, easy maintenance, no tools
  • CIP/SIP, so there is no need to remove for cleaning or sterilizing
  • Design flexibility, so you can use any combination of inlet/outlet sizes and additional ports

The next time you have to adapt a valve to your system, give us a call, we’d love to help you solve any challenge you might have.

Best wishes, Mark

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