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Product News: Introducing a Clamp Style of the ASEPCO I-Sample Valve

Do you wish there were an easy way to replace
the diaphragm on your Ingold port?

Introducing a clamp-style version of the ASEPCO Radial-Diaphragm™ I-Sample Valve that will reduce the time to maintain an Ingold sampling valve to just seconds!

This innovative valve design has a sleeve that threads on to your existing 25-mm Ingold ports. Instead of unscrewing the sleeve to remove the valve for maintenance, just unclamp the valve from the sleeve. It is fast and simple.

ISample Valve Clamp Style

  • Remove and reinstall the valve in seconds to reduce downtime
  • No tools needed—a simple maintenance procedure
  • Diaphragm replacement can be completed in seconds
  • Designed with through-the-chamber CIP/SIP via 1/4- to 1/2-inch ports, ensuring a truly representative sample every time
  • USP Class VI EPDM or Silicone diaphragm

Find out more about this innovative valve at, or contact our outstanding customer service department at 800-882-3886.

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