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I-Sample: A Better Ingold Port Sampling Solution

Sample Without Hold-Up

I-Sample Valve with Clamps


ASEPCO’s I-Sample Valve is a superior solution. By machining the inside of the valve to counter the angle of the Ingold port, this valve enables you to sample without hold-up and without creating a cleanability or sterility problem.

Fluid build-up in a standard valve creates a sterility problem!

Adding a sampling mechanism to an existing vessel can be quite challenging. One of the main limitations is that there are only a few vessel-opening options that can be used for sampling. The typical approach is to create a specialized valve assembly or a bag-sampling system that can attach to an unused Ingold port. However, it is difficult to install a sampling device in an Ingold port without creating fluid hold-up or a cleanability/sterility problem.

Competitor Valve pooling

The typical sampling solutions often:

  • Cause hold-up of the sampled product
  • Create a deadleg in the Ingold port
  • Offer only a limited number of samples before needing to be maintained or replaced

The I-Sample Valve is another tool you can use to improve your process and give you consistent, repeatable results that make your job easier.

I-Sample Valve with Clamps

The I-Sample Valve offers you:

  • Flexibility: Thread it or clamp it onto any 25-mm Ingold port.
  • Sterility: Use the additional inlet port to CIP/SIP between samples.
  • Cleanability: The seal is flush with the vessel’s inner surface, improving tank cleanability.
  • Repeatability: Take as many samples as you need throughout your process without compromising the sample quality.
  • Maintainability: Diaphragm replacement can be completed in a minute or less.

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