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PTFE Diaphragms — Even More to Choose From

Need a PTFE (Teflon) diaphragm for your tank valve? We have just refreshed our PTFE line to include diaphragms for 4-inch tank valves!

Now you have a choice of PTFE diaphragms for your 1-, 1.5-, 2-, 3-, and 4-inch values. What’s more, our new PTFE diaphragms work with our standard actuators.

Because of its chemical neutrality, PTFE is a well-known material that is used frequently in bioprocessing/pharma applications. Under certain circumstances, PTFE is the best choice and maybe even the only choice.

Choose PTFE when there is exposure to …

  • Extremely caustic chemicals, such as heptane or methyl chloride
  • Several hours of steam per day
  • Heat in excess of 135°C

Image of 4 Teflon Diaphragms

ASEPCO PTFE Tank Valve Diaphragms

But PTFE is not always the best choice. It isn’t really an elastomer, so it doesn’t seal as well as most other diaphragm materials. In addition, PTFE has a tendency to cold flow away from pressure in contact zones, and this characteristic can lead to lower sealing pressures over time. In particular, it should not be used when process temperatures are close to or below freezing, or when the pressure of the valve exceeds 60 PSI.

Just give us a call or visit to find out more about our PTFE diaphragms. We can also help you pick just the right diaphragm material for your needs.

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