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Our Supersized 1.5-inch Inline Valve


Have your tried it?

This amazing valve is just as easy-to-maintain as our smaller inline valves. And, the ultra-clean design has all the flexibility and features you need to control your process flow:

  • There is an 180-degree install angle for full trainability in multiple orientations
  • It minimizes hold-up volume
  • Simple tri-clamp assembly makes maintenance 80% faster

And with an industry-standard overall length of 5.5 inches, you can easily replace an existing old-technology valve.

Clean Radial Seal Design

Cleaning your system is a snap, because we use our proven, reliable shoulder seal technology. This knife-edge static seal of the ASEPCO Weirless Radial-Diaphragm Inline Valve prevents gaps that can harbor contaminants.

Did we mention that it takes less than a minute to change the diaphragm? Just like its little brothers, our 1.5-inch valve is made up of only three parts and is held together with a reliable industry-standard hygienic clamp. No nuts or bolts to slow you down. Simply remove the clamp, replace the diaphragm, and reassemble the valve. And you don’t have to retorque the clamp after steaming.

You can read more about our inline valves or contact our outstanding customer service department at 800-882-3886 to see how we can save you time and money.

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