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Your Support Staff at ASEPCO

The ASEPCO team members below are the ones you most often get on the phone when you call. Each of them is backed by dozens more, in shops and offices around Silicon Valley. These “voices on the phone” are also supported by our three interlocking advisory groups: ASEPCO’s Industry Advisory Board, our Science Advisory Board, and our Founders’ Advisory Board. We are constantly getting input from them as well as you to guide our designs and service.

The most important member of our team isn’t even on this page! That person is YOU! Without you, we wouldn’t even be here.

We take our work very seriously… but we still take time to laugh and enjoy time with each other.

Steve Joy
Steve Joy, President and CEO:

“I am very excited to be part of a small company like ASEPCO again, a company that has a great brand ~ a great reputation ~ and is very responsive to a changing market.”

Mark Embury
Mark Embury, Executive Vice-President:

“I enjoy my work and when I’m not working I like to watch movies, read books, play computer games, ride and work on motorcycles, and do home improvement projects. I am currently repainting and restoring a 1985 Honda VF1000R and am also remodeling the garage.”

“I enjoy the ASEPCO environment ~ interacting with people who are great to work with.”

Barry Hoffman, Asepco Customer Service
Barry Hoffman, Customer Service:

“In my off time I enjoy lifting weights, still listen to music like I’m 17, and tend to always be reading a book.”

“I enjoy working here because I get a lot of satisfaction helping my customers. It doesn’t hurt that I tend to be a people person and have a bit of a whacked sense of humor, which I believe makes the experience more personable.”

Joy Guise
Joy Guise, Accounting and Customer Service:

“I’m proud to be a Mom. Having a family is the greatest gift (my husband Jim and our two wonderful children Jenny & Trey). I enjoy cooking and shopping with my children. I love working here at ASEPCO; being here is like working at home.”

“I like the scheduling flexibility at ASEPCO which allows me to spend quality time with my family.”

Jim Ricker
Jim Ricker, Quality Control Inspector:

“I feel fortunate to have been asked if I would like to become an Asepcan. On my hours off I enjoy duck hunting and fishing.”

Glenn Slusher
Glenn Slusher, Quality Control Manager:

“I am a Manufacturing and Quality professional with over 15+ years’ experience. My motto is WORK HARD PLAY HARD. I believe with team work anything is possible and the sky is the limit.”

Ben Herbert
Ben Herbert, Purchasing:

“I enjoy staying active through sports, especially basketball, and have really taken a liking to the California weather. I look forward to continual growth with my co-workers and learning more about the industry and our company.”

Sandy Saadi
Sandy Saadi, Buyer/Planner:

“This is the smallest company I have ever worked for and by far the best. I can honestly say, I love coming to work. Non-working hours are spent hiking and cycling year round and skiing in the winter. Traveling, by any mode of transportation, is always top on my list of things to look forward to doing. Let’s not forget my passion for Belgian beers.”

Randy Rivera
Randy Rivera, Shipping and Receiving:

“I do like basketball, watching movies, and cooking. I really like any kind of sports. Working at ASEPCO has been an experience… a great experience.”

Yoram Rozy
Yoram Rozy, Engineering Manager:

Prior to joining ASEPCO, Yoram was an engineering manager in medical device companies (Tyco healthcare, Atria Medical, Beta-O2, VersaMed) developing systems for pulmonary therapy and long term implants.

Prior to developing medical devices, he was a technical lead in several high tech companies, developing communication systems and currency authentication systems (Scepter Scientific, Blaze Networks).

Yoram graduated from Tel Aviv University (Mechanical Engineering, fluid and heat transfer) and New York Institute of Technology (MBA, International business).

Ben Morgan
Ben Morgan, Engineering:

“I am grateful and fortunate for starting my career at an awesome small company like ASEPCO. In my spare time I enjoy reading books, learning new things, traveling, going to the gym, and spending time with family and friends.”

Terry Flanders
Terry Flanders, Drafting:

“Besides bothering my co-workers here at work, some of my recreational time includes the following: biking, hiking, gardening & BBQs in my yard, fishing, sports (Go 9ers), restoring cars…I like the people here at ASEPCO, they are good to work with.”

Raymond Martinez
Raymond Martinez, Drafting:

“On my time off I enjoy being with family and going to the beach as much as possible. I also enjoy listening to music, playing my drums, and learning the piano. I feel lucky to be part of the ASEPCO team.”