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Your Support Staff at ASEPCO

The ASEPCO team members below are the ones you most often get on the phone when you call. Each of them is backed by dozens more, in shops and offices around Silicon Valley. These “voices on the phone” are also supported by our three interlocking advisory groups: ASEPCO’s Industry Advisory Board, our Science Advisory Board, and our Founders’ Advisory Board. We are constantly getting input from them as well as you to guide our designs and service.

The most important member of our team isn’t even on this page! That person is YOU! Without you, we wouldn’t even be here.

We take our work very seriously… but we still take time to laugh and enjoy time with each other.

Steve Joy
Steve Joy, Business Development Manager

Steve joined ASEPCO as the CEO in 2004, a great fit with his previous experience of founding and growing a business, Jensen Fitting, that culminated in a successful sale to Swagelok in 2000. In 2017, Steve chose to move to a more customer-facing role as Business Development Manager. Says Steve, “I am very excited in my new role as Business Development Manager at ASEPCO, a company that has a great brand ~ a great reputation ~ and is very responsive to a changing market.”

Steve enjoys sailing and traveling, though he loves working so much he never feels like he needs a vacation!

Mark Embury
Mark Embury, Vice President Sales & Marketing

Mark joined ASEPCO as an engineer early on in his career and has shaped Asepco’s growth ever since. He is currently responsible for sales & marketing. In addition to his time at Asepco, Mark is also a member of the ASME BPE and shares some of these perspectives through Asepco’s quarterly newsletters.

In his free time Mark enjoys being with friends & family, takes in a good film when he can, and usually has some project he’s tinkering with.

Joy Guise
Joy Guise, Accounting and Customer Service

Joy has been working with ASEPCO since 1992 as the ASEPCO Accounting, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable manager. She has a degree from San Jose State in Accounting.

Joy is proud to be a Mom and feels that having a family is the greatest gift. She enjoys cooking and shopping with her children, and she loves working at ASEPCO, which feels like home.

Barry Hoffman
Barry Hoffman, Customer Service

Barry joined ASEPCO in March 2000 after working 12 years for a medical company and 4 years in the United States Air Force. His background is in Administration, Sales and Purchasing. He is originally from the Philadelphia area and has lived in California since 1985 after an 18 month assignment in Japan in the USAF. Currently he is one half of the Sales/Customer Service team at ASEPCO.

In his spare time, Barry enjoys spending time with his wife, family and friends. He also enjoys working out, reading, movies and music.

Linda Landes
Linda Landes, Customer Service and Marketing

Linda has been with ASEPCO since 2013 and is a part of the sales and marketing team. She has been in sales and marketing for over 15 years.

Linda is a Bay Area native and speaks fluent German. She loves working at ASEPCO with her ASEPCO family!

She enjoys traveling, art, bike rides, and spending time with family and friends.