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Company History

ASEPCO History

ASEPCO was founded in early 1989 with the idea of doing business in a different and much more collegial way.

We decided that the only way we were going to meet high-grade aseptic processing needs was to design and manufacture our own U.S. products right here in America. We located our company in Silicon Valley near San Francisco, where high-tech design and manufacturing is a culture and a way of life for thousands of American workers.

As we planned ASEPCO, we noticed that no one else was actively asking for advice from people with experience in this critical field and then designing equipment specifically for the end user. We also learned that there was a growing need for processing equipment that would reduce contamination while increasing ease and simplicity of maintenance.

We founded ASEPCO to make great aseptic processing products. We just ask you what you need, then we design and make it. And sell it with strong guarantees and service. What a radical concept.

Our current chairman is a founding team member. Our outside founders are active members of our advisory board, offering input on products and plans for the future. And we also consider our customers as our partners. Without your advice and direction, ASEPCO wouldn’t be the company that it is.