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ASEPCO’s Unique Tank Valve Guarantee

Lifetime Free Replacement Of Any Broken
ASEPCO Tank Valve—No Matter Who Broke It!


Top-Quality Product, or It’s Free!
Performance as Promised, or We Pay You!


We do more than make promises. We live up to them. All ASEPCO employees are company shareholders, so we fuss over the quality of everything we ship. The only way we can prosper is by helping you succeed.

Lifetime Free Replacement Of Any ASEPCO Tank Valve,
No Matter Who Breaks It!

Sometimes a tank is dropped—sometimes a valve gets hit by a forklift. No matter how a valve is broken, or who’s at fault, we will replace it free! No arguments. No excuses. Just a free replacement valve as fast as we can make it.

Top-quality Product Or It’s Free!

If your ASEPCO valve contains a manufacturing defect we will Fix or Replace Your Valve—and We Will Not Bill You!

Performance As Promised Or We Pay You!

If it is proven that a properly assembled ASEPCO valve is not CIP/SIP in use:

a) We’ll buy back our valve for a full refund.

b) We’ll buy you the replacement valve of your choice.

c) AND we will pay the cost of replacing it in your ASME tank!

Note: We figure this is a safe bet, because we have not had a claim of contamination in our entire history.

You can depend on ASEPCO products.
And you can depend on US.