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ASEPCO’s Core Principles

  1. We design and manufacture the highest quality products we can. Note, not “high” but “highest.”
  2. We are here to solve problems, not to win arguments. We solicit and promptly act on our customers’ feedback on products and services.
  3. We support our customers with the strongest guarantees in this industry. We will back you.


Principle #1—Highest Quality Products

Our products are designed by the people who use them. Here’s how.

When we design a new product we make a prototype and circulate it for review by trusted customers. Their suggestions change our product designs. All we have to do is engineer them for usability and make-ability. It’s not simple, but it’s easy.

We offer the lowest cost products on the market in terms of Trouble-Free Service, because quality has proven to be the smart choice. We are constantly fighting to bring our costs down, but we will choose quality over cheapness every time. It’s the “little” decisions that demonstrate our commitment to quality without compromise.

Examples of where our money goes:

  • All ASEPCO valve bodies are lathe-machined out of solid stainless steel bar stockinstead of being cast, forged, or fabricated. We do this because our experience shows that we can create a cleaner, more reliable surface finish by aggressive precision cutting of steel instead of by buffing or polishing.
  • ASEPCO valves are not mechanically buffed or polished, so they corrode less easily and clean more easily and reliably.
  • We electropolish and passivate all ASEPCO valve bodies and bonnets, because we believe that it contributes to their oxidation resistance and we will not minimize what we can do to produce long-lasting reliability.
  • We serialize all ASEPCO valve bodies and bonnets, and maintain batch documentation on all of our diaphragms. These products have the documentation and the traceability required in the most critical applications. And they also have the reliability.

Principle #2—Excellent Customer Relations

The best way to judge our company is to talk to someone who has had a complaint about our products or service—if you can find one.

  • We are here to solve problems, not to win arguments. Tell us what you want, and we’ll try to get it for you. We try to be perfect, but sometimes we’re not. If we get a complaint, we don’t argue about who is at fault—we just fix it.
  • Our customers are the people who help us design our products and who pay our salaries. We like designing and making the equipment you need. You make ASEPCO a fun and interesting place to work.

Principle #3—Guarantees

ASEPCO takes your risk out of choosing aseptic processing equipment.

  • We guarantee our equipment quality.
  • We guarantee our performance.
  • On our critical tank valves, we even guarantee them while you own them!

Our policy is to make our customers raving fans. Period.