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Killer Apps: Insulate Valve

  Have You Lost Product Yield Because Of Temperature Control Issues? When you work with extremely temperature-sensitive products, you can easily lose yield if you don’t fully insulate your vessel. The area of highest risk is where the outlet valve connects to the tank. With a poorly insulated valve you risk: Crystallization, if your process fluid gets too cold Death of…

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Wine and Cheese at ASEPCO’s Booth

Our Wine and Cheese spread isn’t the only thing that’s new at our booth this year. Stop by and check out our new cost-saving 1/2-inch COMPACT Radial Inline Valve. It fits in the palm of your hand! Less obvious and more important is the money it saves you! Diaphragm changes require no tools – from start to finish you can…

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Resolving Cleanability Issues with Aseptic Design

Author: Keith Bader of Hyde Engineering + Consulting Background Nearly 50% of warning letters posted on the FDA website contain citations for cleaning or contamination-related issues. While a manufacturer’s natural first response to a cleaning issue is to increase the cleaning agent concentration, temperature, or cleaning cycle duration, this might not address the problem. Instead, a review of the hygienic…

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Cleanability: CIP/SIP Sterile Connections and Transfers

The possibility of contamination lurks as a constant threat during aseptic filling of injectable drugs that cannot be terminally heat-sterilized. The risk of contamination occurs when being filled through the open clean room air into a final container. Much greater quality control is now possible thanks to advances in barrier technology at the filling machine and clever valve design. The…

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Killer Apps: ASEPCO’s 4-Inch Tank-Bottom Valve

“Life is like a 10-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.” ~ Charles Schulz Is draining your large vessel creating bottlenecks? Draining your tank can slow down your end-to-end throughput. ASEPCO can help you break the bottleneck with our 4-inch Radial-Diaphragm™ Tank-Bottom Valve! You’ll find that your tanks drain more quickly, doubling your flow rate, doubling your…

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Steve Joy has joined ASEPCO

Steve Joy has joined ASEPCO as the new President and CEO. Steve comes to us from Swagelok Biopharm where he was the Capital Projects Manager. Steve has told us he is very excited to be part of a small company like ASEPCO again, a company that has a great brand ~ a great reputation ~ and is very responsive to…

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ASEPCO’s Hydrodynamic Sampler

  The Aseptic Sample System using ASEPCO’s HYDRODYNAMIC SAMPLER: Clamp or weld-on No false positives Improved drainability created by the “V” shape inside the valve chamber Safely sample in dirty air (see the ASEPCO Sampling Setup in Design Solutions) Read more.

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“Stainless Steel Tubing In The Biotechnology Industry”, by Michelle M. Gonzalez, Senior Corporate Engineer, Amgen, Thousand Oaks, California, gives you an encyclopedic look at the metallurgy, fabrication, and standards for Stainless Tubing in Biotechnology uses.