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The valve that is really small and really fast to maintain

The Inline Valve that Fits in Really Small Places And, you can change the diaphragm in less than a minute!  Imagine a 1/2-inch valve that fits in the palm of your hand. What’s more, our Weirless Radial-Diaphragm Inline Valve offers all the flexibility you will need to control your process flow. No tools for disassembly 17-lpm flow rate Ultra-clean design Minimizes…

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Answering Your Questions About Our Diaphragms

We recently received feedback from a customer on one of our diaphragm articles. We felt their comments were important enough to address with all our customers. “Did Asepco really change nothing in the formulation or manufacturing process of the diaphragm?” Since we began making products for the bioprocessing industry over 25 years ago, we have always been very aware of…

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Comparing Permanent, Single-Use, and Hybrid Systems

During the last decade, the push within the biopharmaceutical industry has been three-fold: increase capacity, gain flexibility, and decrease costs. All of these factors have led to the adoption of single-use systems (SUS) in biopharmaceutical manufacturing; however, complete adoption of an SUS may not be the best plan. There are still situations in which stainless steel has advantages. We have…

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Product News: ASEPCO can painlessly accommodate your switch needs

Switch challenges? No problem—we can adapt to almost anything. Whether you are building a new system or retrofitting an old one, you are probably faced with the challenge of adding control technology to your processing. Automating your valves can be particularly challenging. There are many different valve and switch manufacturers. Choosing the right switches for your application and ensuring that…

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Party at Interphex 2016

Drop by the Watson-Marlow booth at Interphex to learn more about ASEPCO products and pick up an invitation to the party. Booth #2833

Biopharm Process Evolution vs. Plant Evolution

We have a story that we tell to new employees who need to understand the challenges of supplying and using equipment in the bioprocessing industry. It is about one of our favorite customers who has used our products for years. One day, years ago, they called us to their facility. They took us to a conference room, and then they…

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Visit us at Interphex 2016

Come see our products up close and personal. Learn about our plans for the future at Booth #2833. Our customers use our products in some of the most critical aseptic applications on earth. And we work to manufacture the highest quality products possible. Come find out why… Our Weirless Radial-Diaphragm Tank-Bottom Valve is used as original equipment by the two…

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I-Sample: A Better Ingold Port Sampling Solution

Sample Without Hold-Up      ASEPCO’s I-Sample Valve is a superior solution. By machining the inside of the valve to counter the angle of the Ingold port, this valve enables you to sample without hold-up and without creating a cleanability or sterility problem. Fluid build-up in a standard valve creates a sterility problem!  Adding a sampling mechanism to an existing vessel…

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Product News: Get the Exact Valve You Need

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. ~ Albert Einstein When you think of a valve, you probably picture something similar to the valves shown below. Something with a single inlet and outlet in a pretty generic shape. And sometimes valves like these are what you need, but other times they may not be…

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Product News: Introducing a Clamp Style of the ASEPCO I-Sample Valve

Do you wish there were an easy way to replacethe diaphragm on your Ingold port? Introducing a clamp-style version of the ASEPCO Radial-Diaphragm™ I-Sample Valve that will reduce the time to maintain an Ingold sampling valve to just seconds! This innovative valve design has a sleeve that threads on to your existing 25-mm Ingold ports. Instead of unscrewing the sleeve…

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