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Happy Holidays from the ASEPCO Team!

    What kind of photographs do elves prefer to take?  Elfies, of course!   Our elves are at it again this year. They are putting ASEPCO actuators under the trees and in the stockings of good little biopharm process engineers. We hope that you get one of them. In any case, the holiday season always reminds us that we…

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Simplify your life with the Point of Use Valve

  — a quick and easy point of use solution! Maybe we can’t simplify your life, but we can make your job easier. Instead of having to deal with nuts and bolts and tools (oh my), you can change your point of use valves to assemble with a clamp. Then, using the ASEPCO Weirless Radial-Diaphragm™ Point of Use Valve, you can…

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Need an Innovative Way to Eliminate Dead Legs?

Try a Block Body In the biopharmaceutical industry, the need to innovate is driven by the need for improved yields, lower costs, faster production, and improved safety. When it comes to systems design, one of the improvements is reducing and eliminating dead legs.   Dead legs are typically defined in terms of a length to diameter ratio (L/D). Initially, the…

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ASEPCO Sampling Flexibility

Our Sample Valves Provide Sterility with Flexibility Why is sampling flexibility so important? Because the sampling needs of our customers are so diverse. Are you adding a sampling system to a new tank or at a pristine location on a tank? If so, try the ASEPCO Weirless Radial Diaphragm Sample Valve. This valve welds or clamps directly into your tank so…

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The Key to Clean in Place (CIP) is Good Process Design

CIP is the foundation process in modern aseptic facilities. Good CIP designs provide for efficient, repeatable, and validateable cleaning of aseptic systems. A good CIP system design includes a comprehensive CIP skid at its heart, and the skid’s design must address all the equipment to be cleaned: tanks, piping, valves, hoses, mixers, blenders, centrifuges, instrumentation sensors, ad infinitum. The task…

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ASEPCO Takeoff Valves Kill Dead Legs at “Tees”

The ASEPCO Weirless Radial-Diaphragm Takeoff Valve Family is suited for any critical CIP/SIP application where a “tee” and its associated dead leg must be eliminated. Key applications include: point of use or “drops” for pure waters (including WFI) as well as sampling, draining, transferring, or diverting from a line or manifolds. The two ASEPCO valves in this family are the…

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Killer Apps: Insulate Valve

  Losing Product Yield Due to Temperature Control Issues? When working with extremely temperature-sensitive products, you can easily lose yield if you don’t fully insulate your vessel. The area of highest risk is where the outlet valve connects to the tank. Most of the time, it’s just not possible to fully insulate around a typical drain valve. One common solution is to create a…

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ASEPCO Interphex Party: Tuesday 3/21, 5:30 – 8:30 The Houndstooth Pub

Drop by the Watson-Marlow booth at Interphexto learn more about ASEPCO productsand pick up an invitation to the party!Booth #2833

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“The only constant is change.” ~ Heraclitus As we look to future designs in the industry, we want you to be involved in the choices we make. Thanks to customers like you, we have always developed innovative products like the valves shown here.