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Killer Apps: Sterile Transfer Assembly

Cleaner and more cost-effective solution for sterile transfer. Decrease contamination and lower maintenance costs at the same time!   We’ve noticed a trend among our customers. They are replacing their Weir-style and plug-style valve assemblies with valves from our Weirless Diaphragm Valve family. These valves are specifically designed for situations in which sampling and sterile fluid transfer, diversion, and addition…

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Custom Fabs: Can you have better valve assemblies AND save money?

  Need to decrease the cost associated with maintaining your current valves? Need to eliminate the issues with foreign growth? Need a more aseptic solution that eliminates contamination? ASEPCO Weirless Diaphragm Valves help you reduce maintenance time and save you money. One great example is our alternative to the standard steam-block assembly with quarter-turn plug valves. This custom assembly replaces…

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Custom Fabs: Combination Ingold Valve Assembly

Inline Block Body Valve with Ingold Adapter

Killer Apps: Custom Applications

Bring your system into the 21st Century—AND Lower Your Costs! You know us for our high performance standard products, but did you know, we also create custom products? Let’s face it, these days we all have our bosses breathing down our necks about reducing cost and, of course, improving performance. It’s a challenge that isn’t always easy to overcome, but…

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Custom Fabs: PTFE Tank Outlet Valve

Plastic Valve: PTFE Tank Outlet Valve

Custom Fabs: Plastic Impeller for use in Corrosive Mixing Applications

Plastic Impeller for use in Corrosive Mixing Applications

Custom Fabs: Mixer with 15:1 Air Motor

Marine Impeller mounted to 15:1 Air Motor

Custom Fabs: Sample Valve Cluster with Inlet/Outlet Valves

Sample Valve Cluster with Inlet/Outlet Valves

Custom Fabs: Stacked Rushton Mini Magnetic Mixer

Stacked Rushton Impellers – Mini Magnetic Mixer

Custom Fabs: 4″ Outlet Valve with 1″ Steam Inlet Valve

4″ Weld-in Tank Valve with 1″ Steam Inlet Valve