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Killer Apps: Kill Contamination with Our Block and Bleed Valve

A cleaner and more cost-effective solution for sterile transfer. Having issues with contamination with your Weir-style and plug-style valve assemblies in sampling and sterile fluid transfer, diversion, and addition situations? The ASEPCO Radial-Diaphragm™ Block and Bleed Valve could be a perfect solution. Why? Our customers tell us that to meet current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), they need to Eliminate issues…

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Killer Apps: Look Ma! No Tools!

If you have old-style weir valves that need service, you have to find the right Allen wrenches, socket wrenches, or vice grips—yes, some people use vice grips!—to remove the set of bolts that hold the actuator to the valve body.

Killer Apps: Redesigned 1.5-Inch Tank-Bottom Valve

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” ~ John Wooden   Redesigned from scratch, the 1.5-inch ASEPCO Tank-bottom Valve has been miniaturized — the valve body has a 38% smaller footprint than the previous version. Why do you care? There is more space around the bottom of the tank for mixers, probes, instruments, and other…

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Killer Apps: QUICKONNECT Inline Sampling Assembly

We know what it’s like. You have a great sampling system, but it’s too limited in the number of samples that it can take. Minimizing sample loss, cleaning it well enough to ensure a representative sample each time, and maintaining it just takes too much time and money. Try connecting your sampling system using the ASEPCO QUICKONNECT™ Inline Connector integrated with the…

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Killer Apps: Want to simplify your maze of valves and fittings?

Minimize hold-up volume with ASEPCO’s Weirless Sterile Access Valve ASEPCO WeirlessSterile Access Valve  Do you use tees, gaskets, and clamps to divert your process flow? Do you notice the resulting maze increases hold-up volume and makes the system difficult to clean? You need the ASEPCO Weirless Sterile Access Valve, which combines a valve and a tee, giving you two flow…

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Killer Apps: New Design: You can be Fearless with the Weirless

Cleaner and more cost-effective solution for sterile transfer. “The more original a discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards.” ~ Arthur Koestler Block and Bleed Valve Recently, we’ve noticed a trend among our customers. They are replacing their Weir-style and plug-style valve assemblies where sampling and sterile fluid transfer, diversion, and addition are involved. The ASEPCO Radial-Diaphragm™ Block and Bleed…

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Killer Apps: Do you deserve good customer service? We think so!

“Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.” ~ Donald Porter, V.P. British Airways Don’t you hate it when things go wrong? I know I do, not because I never expect it (I know it will happen, eventually), not because it is inconvenient (it almost always is), not because it…

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Killer Apps: Divert Your Attention This Way

“This one is just right!” ~ Goldilocks Goldilocks had the right approach; sometimes you need look at all the options to find the one that works best. Let’s say you’re faced with diverting flow from one source to more than one outlet, or combining flow from multiple sources. You might use a transfer panel, but this could be too large,…

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Killer Apps: New Retrofit Valve Helps You Get Cleaner… Guaranteed!

Enter the 21st Century of Valve Technology… Without Cutting into Your Tank! Tired of the cleaning issues with ball valves or butterfly valves? Alarmed at the cost to cut out that old ball valve and recode your ASME tank to have a cleaner valve solution? Don’t fret, retrofit! Introducing ASEPCO’s Retrofit Valve This bolt-in style flange easily connects to the…

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Killer Apps: Point of Use Valve

We can help you make your life simpler, well, your job at least. Instead of having to deal with nuts and bolts and tools (oh my!), you can change your point of use valves to assemble with a clamp. Then, using the ASEPCO Radial-Diaphragm Point of Use valve, you can easily sample, drain, or divert process fluids in your systems.