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Asepco products attached to tank and isolated
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Our customers use ASEPCO products in the most critical aseptic applications on earth.

When you need the ultimate safety and reliability in CIP/SIP equipment, ASEPCO is the logical choice.

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ASEPCO makes the original Weirless Radial-Diaphragm™ Tank-Bottom Valve, designed for tough applications and critical processes, providing the highest level of both safety and reliability. Our valves have won “Innovations in Pharmaceutical Processing” Awards in Bioprocessing and Parenteral Manufacturing.

We have five families of valves (14 different valve types), which cover nearly every need. For example, our Weirless Radial-Diaphragm Inline Valves with clamp assembly are a new technologic innovation. We’ve applied our contamination-free, radial-diaphragm technology and easy-to-use clamp assembly to an inline valve configuration, creating a reliable valve that is easy to assemble and inspect.


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ASEPCO valves have all the options: manual and pneumatic actuators, limit switches, solenoids, and more coming! Our actuators are designed to be “bomb-proof.” If you can fasten a tri-clamp, you can easily assemble and disassemble any ASEPCO valve for inspection or maintenance, all without tools!


ASEPCO diaphragms are available in Silicone, EPDM, Viton, and PTFE. Want good steam life without PTFE’s shortcomings? No problem. We also have Silicone Plus™ and EPDM Plus™, surfaced with USP Class VI parylene.


With ASEPCO’s ASEPCONNECT™ and QUICKONNECT™ Vessel Connectors, we gave you new options for installing a close-connect into a vessel. Now we have these great designs for inline applications, with the ASEPCONNECT™ Inline Connector and the QUICKONNECT™ Inline Connector. These revolutionary designs are easier for fabricators to install, and give you improved sealing.