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Tank-Bottom Valves

ASEPCO Radial-Diaphragm™ Tank-Bottom Valves

Designed for critical aseptic processing applications

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2-inch tank bottom 4-inch tank bottom
The ASEPCO Radial-Diaphragm Tank-Bottom Valve is used as original equipment by the two largest U.S. bioreactor manufacturers, and it is experiencing growing popularity in the food and chemical industries. See the drawing to understand why the most forward-thinking engineers in aseptic processing have made ASEPCO valves a standard. The Tank-Bottom Valve can be ported to allow it to be C/SIP or flushed while closed, providing access through the valve body to the downstream lines. The ability to quickly flush or C/SIP while the valve is closed solves downstream problems simply and speeds the product changeover.
Valve sizes: 0.5″, 1.0″, 1.5″, 2.0″, 2.5″, 3.0″, and 4.0″

Asepco Tank bottom valve with callouts

  • The only truly flush diaphragm tank valve
  • No pocket, unlike other designs
  • Completely drainable
  • Welds flush to tank bottom—eliminates gaskets, bolts, and seams
  • An award winner—Innovation in Pharmaceutical Processing Award: Bioprocessing & Injectable Drug Manufacturing
  • Meets ASME code requirements
  • Delivered with material test reports (MTRs)
  • Serialized and stamped with a unique heat number
  • Uses a simple clamp for disassembly and inspection, needs no tools
  • Uses a Radial-Diaphragm design—reliable seal, easily cleanable
  • Reliable delivery—your project stays on time
  • Saves 85% of routine maintenance cost over weir valves, forever
ASEPCO Tank-Bottom Valve specs tables
Material 316L, AL6XN, Hastelloy
Machined from solid, hot-rolled, bar stock
Surface Finish Max. 20 micro-inch Ra (0.5 ?m Ra), electropolished
Max. 15 micro-inch Ra (0.375 ?m Ra), electropolished
Max. 10 micro-inch Ra (0.25 ?m Ra), electropolished
Sizes 1/2” through 4”
Outlet Connections Standard: Hygienic clamp, tube end, (others available)
Maximum Pressure 250 psi
Maximum Temperature 135°C/275°F
Marking Each valve is serialized and marked for full material traceability
ISO All products and procedures are governed by our ISO Quality Assurance Program
Standards BPE, CE-PED, ASME
Actuators Manual or compact pneumatic, fail open or closed
Diaphragms Silicone, Silicone Plus, EPDM, EPDM Plus, Viton

For the complete specifications, reference the ASEPCO Tank-Bottom Valve Datasheet.

We specialize in customization. Please contact our Customer Service Department for any non-standard product requirement (800) 882-3886.

For a printable version of this web page that includes the product information, features & benefits, specifications, and drawings, download the PDF.

pdf-download-icon ASEPCO Radial-Diaphragm™ Tank-Bottom Valve Datasheet


We specialize in customization. Please contact our Customer Service Department for any non-standard product requirement (800) 882-3886.