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ASEPCONNECT™ Close-Couple Aseptic Connectors

An old idea with a revolutionary design!

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ASEPCONNECT full and cutview images side by side
Our ASEPCONNECT is specifically designed for attaching devices where leakage and dead legs are unacceptable in critical aseptic processing applications. ASEPCONNECT close connects are for connecting flush-mounted probes, instruments, and valves to tanks. These connectors are easier to install and clean than the alternatives, and have ASEPCO’s patented aseptic seal, which is based on the same reliable seal that you find in our valves.
ASEPCONNECT cutview image with callouts
  • Monel studs prevent galling
  • Clearance slots for use with rupture disks
  • Easy to place, seal, inspect
  • Flush-mounted to tank, eliminating dead legs and leakage
  • Our patented sealing face improves gasket sealing edge
  • Clean, aseptic design
  • Large outside diameter to avoid warping (other diameters available)
Dimensions image and measurements table
ASEPCONNECT shown disassembled
asepconnect in parts
Material 316L, AL6XN, Hastelloy
Surface finish Max. 20 micro-inch Ra (0.5 ?m Ra), Electropolished
Max. 15 micro-inch Ra (0.375 ?m Ra), Electropolished
Max. 10 micro-inch Ra (0.25 ?m Ra), Electropolished
Sizes 3/8 inch through 4 inches
Thickness 1 inch standard height, custom heights available upon request
Connection Weld-in body with tri-clamp component connection
Design pressure -14.5 to 101.5 psig
(Maximum working pressure is determined by the design pressure of the gasket being used in the assembly.)
Design temperature -80 to 200°C
(Maximum working temperature is determined by the design temperature of the gasket being used in the assembly.)
Marking Each connector is marked for full material traceability
ISO All products and procedures are governed by our ISO Quality Assurance Program
Standards BPE, CE-PED, ASME

For the complete specifications, reference the ASEPCONNECT™ Close Couple Aseptic Connector Datasheet.

For a printable version of this web page that includes the product information, features & benefits, specifications, and drawings, download the PDF.

pdf-download-icon ASEPCONNECT™ Close Couple Aseptic Connector Datasheet

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