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Product News: ASEPCONNECT™ Connectors and ASEPTIPORT Manifold

Whether it’s a lack of vessel space, a tight vessel location, or a cleanability issue, ASEPCO has several connectors to solve your problem. Our connectors are designed for attaching devices in critical aseptic processing applications where leakage and dead legs are unacceptable. ASEPCONNECT™ Connectors Clean design: Flush-mounted to tank to eliminate dead legs and leakage Flexible: Comes in straight and…

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Product News: ASEPCONNECT Vessel Connector

“How did it get so late so soon?” – Dr. Seuss Many of our customers love the ASEPCONNECT, our version of a close-connect tank coupling, for these great reasons: Improved sealing surface gives you a consistent seal on the vessel ID, lowering your risk of contamination. Larger weld diameter prevents warping of the seal face. Monel studs prevents galling. Quick…

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ASEPCONNECT Connectors in Stock

You’re probably asking yourself, “What’s an ASEPCONNECT™?” Well, it belongs to a class of tank connections commonly referred to as close-connects that were created as an alternative to hygienic clamps and Ingold ports. This connector’s primary purpose is to provide an alternative method for tank connections that is easier to clean than other types of connections. Ours has significant differences…

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