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Product News: ASEPCONNECT™ Connectors and ASEPTIPORT Manifold

Whether it’s a lack of vessel space, a tight vessel location, or a cleanability issue, ASEPCO has several connectors to solve your problem. Our connectors are designed for attaching devices in critical aseptic processing applications where leakage and dead legs are unacceptable. ASEPCONNECT™ Connectors Clean design: Flush-mounted to tank to eliminate dead legs and leakage Flexible: Comes in straight and…

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Product News: ASEPCONNECT Vessel Connector

“How did it get so late so soon?” – Dr. Seuss Many of our customers love the ASEPCONNECT, our version of a close-connect tank coupling, for these great reasons: Improved sealing surface gives you a consistent seal on the vessel ID, lowering your risk of contamination. Larger weld diameter prevents warping of the seal face. Monel studs prevents galling. Quick…

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Killer Apps: Introducing the QUICKONNECT

You probably have vessel connectors in your facility, and they work well, but they still have some challenges: + Cross-threading nuts + Require tools + Split clamps that are independent of each other, making it impossible to hold around the part you are installing + Need two people to install