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Killer Apps: Do you deserve good customer service? We think so!

“Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.” ~ Donald Porter, V.P. British Airways Don’t you hate it when things go wrong? I know I do, not because I never expect it (I know it will happen, eventually), not because it is inconvenient (it almost always is), not because it…

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Killer Apps: The Secret of Having It When You Need It

Famous last words: “This shouldn’t take too long…” And the nightmare begins… When was the last time you had this experience? You have one of those simple, little, 30-minute weekend house repair projects. You get started and realize you’re missing a piece to complete the project.

Killer Apps: Custom Applications

Bring your system into the 21st Century—AND Lower Your Costs! You know us for our high performance standard products, but did you know, we also create custom products? Let’s face it, these days we all have our bosses breathing down our necks about reducing cost and, of course, improving performance. It’s a challenge that isn’t always easy to overcome, but…

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Killer Apps: A $9,000 Mistake!

Everyone has Mixing Nightmares… Worries That Keep You Up At Night Here’s a sad story about a problem that cost one of our customers over $9,000 in over-runs and could have easily been avoided with the right knowledge. The Simple Mixer Order We received a request to quote a mixer from a customer. The details were typical of the information…

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Call ASEPCO for Live Mixer Support!

At ASEPCO we pride ourselves on service. As our Mixer product line is extensive we realize our customers may need support from time to time. We encourage you to call us, we want to help you design the best possible long-term solution. Call us with your questions and we’ll work together until you’re satisfied!

ASEPCO Mixer Wizard – Online 24/7

ASEPCO Specializes in Clean Mixer Technology Click here to try the ASEPCO Mixer Wizard. Click here to read about ASEPCO mixers.

New – Interactive Knowledge Base

Check out our interactive knowledge base. Here you can find answers to questions about our products. You can also submit comments and questions that don’t have answers in the knowledge base yet.

Silicone Diaphragm vs. Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)

Diaphragms are the high-wear component of most valves, so we thought it would be useful to show some of the common failures that occur with diaphragms. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common failures we have observed, and we’ll show an example of a specific case and how the problem was resolved. Over the years we have seen or…

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ASEPCO’s PolyMixer Cleaning Study

Asepco’s Polymixerâ„¢ CIP validation study has been completed. It shows that the new Polymixerâ„¢ has some of the best CIP characteristics of any magnetic mixer.

Shipping Notification

Effective May 16th, ASEPCO is now electronically confirming order shipments. Each morning we will be emailing the confirmation of any of your orders that shipped the prior afternoon, along with the carrier and tracking number. Hopefully you will find this information helpful in keeping up with the status of your order.